One Classic Shirt - 4 Amazing Outfits!

One Classic Shirt - 4 Amazing Outfits!


Be honest, how many times a week do you go to your closet to get dressed, and simply stare into the abyss of clothes? You stand there and expect the most perfect outfit will just jump off the rack into your arms don’t ya??? Or, how about this one; at 6am in the morning, you expect the perfect outfit inspiration will come to you like an epiphany?  And the angels will sing Hallelujah!!!  Maybe you stand there, stare, and say to yourself “How did I end up with so many clothes and nothing to wear?”  Girlfriend, it’s an age-old dilemma. We all have been there! I know I have and more times than I care to mention.

  I’ve tried to overcome this paralyzing morning syndrome by declaring (out loud to my family) that “from now on I will arrange all my outfits for the work week on Sunday afternoons”, carefully choosing ensembles that could potentially reflect my mood on any given day of the week. There! That will fix it! Nope, great idea, but it didn’t work. Mainly because Sunday Funday eventually crept into play and left me facing the closet abyss, once again, on Monday morning.  I’m here to tell you I’m convinced a capsule wardrobe is the way to go. Wait, don’t roll your eyes!  If I am on the right track with this new capsule wardrobe craze, it’s about less is more, simple and comfortable, and the key to variety is accessories! Who doesn’t love accessories?  And, I’m thinking instead of buying another pair of black work pants like the other 10 pair I have in my closet, I’ll simply purchase a new pair of shoes, or scarf, or piece of jewelry and jugge up the black pants I already own! Cheaper, in most cases -except maybe the shoe purchase.

 For as long as I can remember, J. Crew has been one of my favs! When I was in College I would anxiously wait for the catalog to arrive by mail highlighting the new season’s looks and drool over how pretty the clothes and outfits were.  Truth is, I still anxiously wait for the catalog! Every season, they never cease to amaze me with the colors, patterns, and styles.  Have you seen the new scallop edge pants this year at J. Crew Factory?  They are adorable! And I kind of need to have them here, even though I already have plenty of pants! But I digress….

 I decided to try my hand at this capsule wardrobe idea. For my first attempt I am sharing with you this simple blue and white long sleeve stripe shirt here.  Here I have styled it with a pair of white jeans Here, a coral scalloped edge top Here and these adorable beaded coral earrings (in navy) here.  Done, cute, put together!


 Next, this cute frayed edge jean skirt here, same blue and white striped shirt, cute pair of kicks, and accessorize with these fabulous green statement earrings similar here  and bangles. A casual, stylish and comfy outfit to wear for happy hour, grocery store, or the zoo with the kiddos.

This one is my fav, mainly because of the shoes! I love red shoes! similar here And did you know that pointy toe shoes help to elongate your legs. (Fun style fact). Earrings here


 Last one, styled with this chunky turtleneck sweater here (It’s still cold here in Maryland), white jeans, with a touch of the coral in the bracelet and earrings.  I wore this ensemble with a pair of cognac suede booties. ( See here on Instagram post)


What do you think?  I can’t wait to try my hand at another capsule wardrobe and share the results with you! Share your capsule wardrobes here and follow along on IG @robynescoastalcrush or visit us at for more coastal inspiration.


Until next time, wishing you love and salt air in your hair!



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