The one summer accessory I can't live without!

Hello lovelies!

Today I am shairing the one summer accessory I can't live without! The scarf!

I get pretty darn bored sometimes with my clothes.  I like new clothes but cant always afford the luxury of shopping every single week.  I try to find creative ways to wear the items I already have.  Like these really comfy gabradine shorts from J. Crew Factory.  Paired with a simple white shirt, the outfit is blah at best.  But, take a pretty colorful scarf and use it as a belt, and voila!  You have a really cute outfit with a lot of interest.  Take it up one more notch by pairing a cute pair of sandals in one of the colors found in your scarf. 

This idea not only works for shorts, but skirts and jeans as well! The possibilities are endless once you get your head wrapped around the idea!  

Outfit pieces linked below:

Printed square scarf

Oxford Cloth Short

Ankle Strap Sandel

What's the one summer accessory you can't live without? 




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