Welcome! What's Your Crush?

Hi! You found us! Welcome to The Coastal Crush.

The pineapple in our logo signifies the warm welcome we want to convey about living life with grace, intention, and simplicity. The sunglasses represent how bright we know your future is!

Our  coastal-lifestyle brand is inspired by the colors and "feels" we get from a beach walk, smelling the salt air, feeling the sun on our face, and hearing the waves rolling onto the beach. Our "Weekly Crush" focuses on fashion, home decor, jewelry, a weekend  getaway, or a simple quiet moment alone.  We celebrate the "Hygge" moments of contentment when we find that special something (or someone) that sparks the sought after and peaceful "Ahhhhh" moment, no matter how big or small.

We are lovers of boating, the beach, animals, marine conservation, fishing, and good ole' fashion fun! We believe in cocktails around a bonfire on a Friday evening after a long work week, chores on a Saturday, and spending Sunday's with family are what make up the perfect combination to a peaceful, happy Life.

Please follow our journey as we build our business around our passions; you and the Coastal vibe! We want to know what you like, what inspires your "hyggee" moment, and fills your heart with love, peace, and gratitude?  Come Shop and explore the products we have found that speak to the colors, lifestyle, and "feels" of living by the water.

We have been careful to represent products made and shipped from the USA, but every now and then you will find some really cool items from our neighbors that we just could not resist!  

We look forward to hearing from you! Tell us what your Crushin' on and you may see us show up in your town to say hello and be featured on The Coastal Crush.

Wishing you love, grace and salt air in your hair!





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